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What is 10 + 8?

An education CRM is especially designed and developed for the education sector . It understands the cumbersomeness of the admission procedure and provides your teams with a single platform to systematically grow your admission.

It manages to combine all the scattered approaches and silos your admission staff and allows you to attract, engage and enroll candidates efficiently from the centralization of leading services throughout the sources to the allocation to different members of the team, from personalised marketing automation to counsellor productivity mapping, from campaign tracking and optimization to in-time reporting and analysis.


Needs of CRM for School Management? 1. Drive more enrollments with Lead Management 

In the past, schools have depended on many various sources to collect leads for admission, and they maintain those leads in a variety of spreadsheets, tools, or point solutions. The ongoing problem of lead leakage and duplication and the consequent inaccurate marketing spending is further made worse because of the lack of a centralised lead management solution.

CRM Software module Lead Management System consolidates all of your leads and attributes them to numerous sources to eliminate the issues related to multiple sources. The further empowerment you receive is allowing you to increase lead quality, identify lead validity, prioritise interaction, and carry out the entire process on the move with the CRM Mobile app. 

This enhances what is most important during the admissions process — enrolments!

  • Nurture your leads and increase your admission
  • Focus on enhancing your advanced filters
  • Keep track of your leads with mobile app
  • Maintain a good lead flow from publishers' APIs
  • Optimise your efforts with auto verification of leads
2. Encourage 360° engagement with Lead Nurturing

Most schools are now using school management software but that is not efficient, when educational institutions obtain new students from a number of different sources. Because of their financial limitations, their nurturing efforts focus mostly on mass emails, SMSs, and individual phone calls. Due to this, many prospects will not receive timely and effective interaction, resulting in high lead acquisition costs that have a poor ROI for marketing, brand reputation, and eventually enrolments.

The best CRM software  provides on-the-go access to all of the information you need, wherever you are. To put it in a nutshell, it increases your conversions by optimising all of your nurturing activities.

Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time using the right channel!

  • Ensure a no missed out leads
  • Prioritizes your leads through different parameters 
  • Bring your nurturing strategies with marketing automation
  • Nurture your leads on the go 
3. High return on investment of school campaign 

Admission for educational institutions is a key component that helps to influence the overall quality and scale of the student body. Beyond traditional in-person visits and phone calls, the educational institutions' modern admission marketing ecosystem contains several digital companies and publishers who assist them in building a vast pool of prospective students. Some Institutes have no method to keep track of the progress of all their campaigns, some using a school management system which is not enough, as a result of a lack of an educational campaign management system.

Track, measure, and optimise the efficiency of all your campaigns using CRM software Campaign Manager to maximise the return on your marketing investment!

Accelerate the Lead to Enrollment Conversion Rate 

Lead duplication can be removed 

  • Benchmark and Compare Performances of Publishers
  • To benchmark and compare publishers' performances
  • Auto Improve Quality of Leads from Publisher APIs
  • Improve the quality of potential leads
4. Comprehensive One-View Dashboard 

A dashboard is the best approach to stay informed about the key dimensions and metrics you're most interested in. What we mean when we say it's your dashboard is that it allows you to keep it looking unique. The intent here is quite apparent as it allows you to maintain an overall view of your admission process all at once. This method of keeping up with the newest trends and statistics is most efficient.

Admin Dashboard gives you the option to focus on specific pieces of information about admission requirements to meet your needs. Administration is completely customizable. You can customise your administration dashboard to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Organizing what you see will start the process of reorganising your views, which can be described as “re-organizing your perceptions.”

As we know school management system manage overall school activity, like CRM software gives you real time patterns, analytics, and trends to manage your prospect better!


5. Track your team in real-time

Best CRM software gives users an uninterrupted team Management experience that is made better with a number of easy-to-use security and management capabilities. Control who may read or change the data, and create users to help.

It is capable of setting up and managing each individual user's login credentials. Ensure that only authorised users can access the information, as well as managing permissions on the basis of user roles. 

How to Choose the Right CRM software?

The right school management CRM software let you to do the following:

  • Allow you to perform recruitment from the same location
  • Link your Student Information System and Learning Information System in a single system
  • Let you manage your marketing activities from the centralized place
  • Help you analysis your Return on Investment on ad spend
  • Store to maintain content and FAQs that your recruits may search through

Enjoying the one stop solution by bringing in several applications within one window will minimise the hassles of sales. Three of the most-used channels are brought together in CRM software, which enables email, phone, and live chat.

You may combine it with other popular business tools like helpdesk, billing, marketing automation, and more to create an all-in-one solution.

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